Top 5 Weirdest technology gadgets ever

Development of the technology brought us a lot of useful or entertaining things, everything from autopilot cars, medical technology gadgets, virtual reality, useful robots and so on. However, there are always people who will invent the weirdest but working things. The number of this kind of inventions is numerous, and many of you certainly met with few of them during your lifetime. However, people never cease to amaze you, here are some of the weirdest useful and non-useful existing inventions today.

1. Ripple Maker

When you first spot a Ripple Maker, you would probably think it’s just another espresso machine, but the reality isn’t so simple. Ripple Maker is one more kitchen appliance, in my opinion not so useful, it is a device that imprints a picture on your espresso. The barmaids and bartenders won’t have anything to worry about more if they don’t know how to draw a heart or a bear on your milk foam. This kitchen appliance will do everything on its own.


2. Muse Brain Sensor

Yoga and meditation are an essential everyday activity to an enormous number of people all over the world. The fact that they often use different gadgets to improve their experience is entirely ordinary. Using their music apps to play relaxing music or something like that. However, there is one kind of weird device concerning your calmness and relaxation during the yoga practice or meditation. Muse Brain Sensor is a device you wear on your head, and it measures how peaceful you are. Don’t know if it’s useful or not, in any case, and it is weird.

3. Clever Pet

Pets are always there to entertain you and play with you, but if you want to do something for them, you can buy them Clever Pet instead of playing Fetch with them or taking them for a walk. Just kidding, this is one more in my opinion, not a useful device. It is, in fact, a Simon Says for your dog. This device will feed your pet whenever he solves the puzzle. Now, I don’t know if you’re pet is so bored that you need to get him this, but if you want him to exercise his brain this is a device for you. Now, I don’t know if you’re pet is so bored that you need to get him this, but if you want him to exercise his brain this is a device for you.

4. Smarty Pans

There is never enough kitchen and home appliances apparently. One more tech gadget that can help you prepare your food is SmartyPans. Smart pans are nothing new in kitchen appliances world, but Smarty Pan has one more feature that will be useful to everyone who watches their calories. While frying your food, Smarty Pan will inform you about the number of calories your food has.

5. Sensor Wake

Waking up is one of the biggest problems for each of us. Therefore there are more than enough devices which the only purpose is to wake you up. Sensor Wake is one of them, but it doesn’t make any noise, it wakes you up by pushing out the smells of coffee, the seaside and so on.