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Top 5 Tech Review Sites You’ve Never Heard Of

Tech, we love it, heck, we could even be considered to be “addicted” to it. If you just have to have the latest gadget then you’re probably addicted like us. Of course, all the coolest new tech toys are usually some of the most expensive, so we have to carefully choose how we spend our money, because we don’t make nearly enough to buy all the things we want.

For example, we’d almost give our left arm to try out the Sennhuiser Orpheus headphones, which are currently the most expensive audiophile cans on the market at around $50,000!  Yeah that’s right, that’s four zeros there, and no, it is not a typo. With our current salary level we could afford those after MAYBE 20 years of saving and zero vacations.

Ultimately, it’s a tough life being a tech-enthusiast on a limited budget. So when we finally do save up a little bit of your cash we take plenty of time to read up and compile all the reviews on what we’re looking at before deciding to spend our money, because getting a crappy new laptop for example can be a HUGE let down.

We love following tech bloggers, both on social media and on their own sites to keep up with what’s new and what will be released soon. We also like to see unboxing videos and hands on reviews. Most of the videos we seek out are on Youtube, and you can search for whatever you like, from iPhone 7 Plus to Beats Bluetooth speakers.

However, in terms of blogs, there are a few tech sites that we always turn to for the best and latest on new shiny things. Below we will list our top 5 favorite tech review sites you may not have heard of but which we absolutely love.



Gizmodo. Minimalist. Future looking. Wide Variety of Tech. These words pretty much summarize the beauty that is Gizmodo. On the same page you may see a cool new story about Tesla’s latest model, or a report on how Ecuador is sick of Julian Assnage crashing in their embassy (no that isn’t an Onion title, it’s actually a story from Gizmodo).

Gizmodo is like that college friend who was always better at HTML than you. He’s smart but also has a nerdy sense of humor, which makes you love him all the more. We check Gizmodo nearly every day and still find it to be one of the most “fresh” tech sites that also does the occasional review out there.

Just in case you weren’t aware, Sploid, Paleofuture, I09, Fild Guide and Factually are all brands that fall under the Gizmodo header. There are also sister sites Deadspin, Jalopnik, Jezebel and Kotaku to appeal to more niched down interests.


The Next Web


The Next Web, or just TNW as it’s usually referred to is a more grown up version of Gizmodo that is a little more journalistic in their writing. If Gizmodo is your college buddy chatting about new nerd gear at lunch then TNW is your CSS professor talking about the joys of iOS and OSX. What we’re trying to say is the writing is a little more serious and a little more “grown up”. This isn’t to detract from Gizmodo at all, the blog just has a different personality is all.

We particularly like how TNW has branched out of just tech and tech reviews and now has in depth coverage in things like apps, economics, international issues and deals. It’s developing into pretty much a one stop shop for tech enthusiasts, so check it out if you don’t already subscribe!




Endgadget is like your high school nerd friend that you played Kinects with. They are a bit peculiar but in a good way. Between TNW and Gizmodo they are DEFINITELY more like a little quirky brother to Gizmodo.

Endgadget focuses just on tech, unlike the above two sites, and for this reason it is our go-to resource when we’re craving uber-nerdy tech news coverage. We also like how clean and minimalist the website is, making it a joy to read on smartphones and tablets.


Lightning Cans


This one is by far the most niche of the bunch here but that is why we love it so much. Sure, we’ve only been following LightningCans for a couple of months now, but that’s only because the tech they cover, particularly “Lightning connected audio gear”, is such a recent phenomenon. Their stories are zippy and their reviews are spot on, just like Gizmodo or even The Verge now days.

This site is all about high end headphones and the future of Apple related audio devices. If you haven’t caught the audiophile bug yet, then it’s probably not your cup of tea. However, you totally should force yourself to catch the audiophile bug because listening to hi-res music is like looking through freshly cleaned glasses compared to regular crappy stock headsets.




Yes yes we know, Slashdot is sooooooo old! Well, just because somethings old doesn’t mean it deserves to be hated, just like the Super Nintendo.

Slashdot is like the wise old wizard in the tech world and is simply a reassuring presence when it comes to new product releases.

One thin in particular that we love about Slashdot is it’s super old school design. I mean seriously, all text with just a few ads and boring fonts and colors? All these crappy design queues make it PERFECT for browsing while at work because anyone walking by will just think your reading some new market trend report or human resources memo.

If you’re looking at any of the above review sites though, with their huge pictures and bright colors, people will immediately know you are wasting your time. This makes Slashdot the perfect “sleeper” gadget blog to keep in your back pocket during a boring meeting or just a slow Monday afternoon.

Did we miss any particularly great tech blogs or review sites? If so, let us know in the comments and we may or may not check it out and add it to our list!




Top 5 Weirdest technology gadgets ever

Development of the technology brought us a lot of useful or entertaining things, everything from autopilot cars, medical technology gadgets, virtual reality, useful robots and so on. However, there are always people who will invent the weirdest but working things. The number of this kind of inventions is numerous, and many of you certainly met with few of them during your lifetime. However, people never cease to amaze you, here are some of the weirdest useful and non-useful existing inventions today.

1. Ripple Maker

When you first spot a Ripple Maker, you would probably think it’s just another espresso machine, but the reality isn’t so simple. Ripple Maker is one more kitchen appliance, in my opinion not so useful, it is a device that imprints a picture on your espresso. The barmaids and bartenders won’t have anything to worry about more if they don’t know how to draw a heart or a bear on your milk foam. This kitchen appliance will do everything on its own.


2. Muse Brain Sensor

Yoga and meditation are an essential everyday activity to an enormous number of people all over the world. The fact that they often use different gadgets to improve their experience is entirely ordinary. Using their music apps to play relaxing music or something like that. However, there is one kind of weird device concerning your calmness and relaxation during the yoga practice or meditation. Muse Brain Sensor is a device you wear on your head, and it measures how peaceful you are. Don’t know if it’s useful or not, in any case, and it is weird.

3. Clever Pet

Pets are always there to entertain you and play with you, but if you want to do something for them, you can buy them Clever Pet instead of playing Fetch with them or taking them for a walk. Just kidding, this is one more in my opinion, not a useful device. It is, in fact, a Simon Says for your dog. This device will feed your pet whenever he solves the puzzle. Now, I don’t know if you’re pet is so bored that you need to get him this, but if you want him to exercise his brain this is a device for you. Now, I don’t know if you’re pet is so bored that you need to get him this, but if you want him to exercise his brain this is a device for you.

4. Smarty Pans

There is never enough kitchen and home appliances apparently. One more tech gadget that can help you prepare your food is SmartyPans. Smart pans are nothing new in kitchen appliances world, but Smarty Pan has one more feature that will be useful to everyone who watches their calories. While frying your food, Smarty Pan will inform you about the number of calories your food has.

5. Sensor Wake

Waking up is one of the biggest problems for each of us. Therefore there are more than enough devices which the only purpose is to wake you up. Sensor Wake is one of them, but it doesn’t make any noise, it wakes you up by pushing out the smells of coffee, the seaside and so on.