Cameras Today

Cameras or at least DSLR cameras are perhaps not bought as often as they once were due to most people now having a camera on their cellphone however, they are still in production and will be for the foreseeable future due to the fact that photograph enthusiasts and professional photographers will still use a DSLR camera in order to get the better quality of photograph than cellphone cameras can provide. It is not the abilities of the photographer that can make a difference to a photo as much as the quality of the camera they use. Even a professional photographer, when using a cellphone camera may not be able to get as good a photograph as a novice photographer with a DSLR camera, providing of course that that novice has at least a little knowledge of photography. The reason for this is that although a cellphone camera is definitely convenient and probably always accessible to someone, making it ideal for unexpected photo ops, as it is small it only has one lens and again, as it is small, its sensor is also small. Without the ability to change lenses as needed, a cellphone camera is very limited in the types of photo it can take, to any good standard that is. Also as its sensor is small, the light reading that it gets is not always accurate meaning that it will often resort to automatically turning on the flash when no flash may have been needed. A DSLR camera on the other hand, one like the SONY A6000 for instance, has a variety of a6000 lenses which have been specifically designed for use with the camera. These lenses include a zoom lens which allows for the camera to get close to the subject, a wide-angle lens which allows for the photographer to take panoramic type photos and a macro lens which acts as a type of microscope for photographs of very small objects. As these different lenses require different amounts of light, the A6000 camera has of course a very good sensor, large enough to provide the photographer with accurate readings, allowing them to manually adjust the aperture for what hopefully will be a perfect photo. Surprising perhaps because everybody now has a cellphone camera, professional photographers are still in high demand especially for weddings and graduations. This is because although everyone may have their own camera, they accept that their cameras cannot take the quality of photo which a professional, with their DSLR camera can. This means that today, although many photos may be taken at different functions, there will always be just one set of official photos, those taken by the professional photographer hired for the event. Regardless of how good cellphone cameras become in the future, as long as they remain too small to have multiple lenses or larger sensors, they will never be able to take photos of the same quality as a DSLR camera in the hands of someone that knows a little about photography.