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The only home on a privately-owned estate known to be listed on the National and State Registers of Historic Places, in the lifetime of the owner, still in occupancy!

Described by former Mayor as "one of the crown jewels of the City of White Plains."


After more than 20 wonderful years, most regretfully . . .

Historic Soundview Manor has ceased operation of its Bed & Breakfast for the indefinite future.

Thanks for the happy memories of enjoyable visits from far and wide!!!

National Trust for Historic Preservation
New York Historic Society, Westchester Historic Society, White Plains Historic Society

Located in the old estate section of White Plains, New York, you'll be delighted by this rare gem in a secluded neighborhood, yet only minutes away from downtown White Plains, Scarsdale and the Hudson River. Soundview Manor was built in 1920 as part of a grand estate, and became a Bed and Breakfast in 1993, offering a haven for business and pleasure travelers, overnight, weekend and extended stay guests as well as four-night a week commuters.

You don't have to take our word for it. Read the guestbook comments of those who have stayed with us from all over the world. See also, the guestbook comments of then First Lady, Hillary R. Clinton, now Secretary of State, and daughter Chelsea, on the occasion of their house-hunting visit to Soundview Manor on June 28, 1999, when still in the White House:


White Plains' Soundview Manor

Westchester WAG Magazine April 2012

Historical Background & Photos

The Westchester Historian, Fall 2011
"Historic Soundview Manor and Its Irish Roots"

White Plains Times, March 17, 2011
"Historic Soundview Manor and Its Irish Roots"

White Plains Historic Society Newletter, Fall 2006
"There Really Was A Sound View"

Our Soundview Avenue street name, historically Sound View Avenue, is now more understandable: it is the view from our Penthouse when the house was new, the trees were young, and on a clear day you could see the sailboats going by on Long Island Sound.

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New Accolades for Soundview Manor

National Register of Historic Places, 11/25/09
NYS Register of Historic Places, 12/12/08

2010 got off to a good start with display of our beautiful framed Federal and State Gold Seal Certificate, awarded to Soundview Manor "... in recognition of its significance in American history and culture".

Now that it's official, do plan to join us for our Springtime ribbon-cutting ceremony. To be a part of the Event-Planning Committee and/or to become a Soundview Manor Historic Preservation Volunteer, please email us at info@soundviewmanor.com.



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